Gemini DJ Equipment For Beginners

What DJ doesn’t look for a controller that is fun to use, fair priced and has the feature set range of a pro piece so when you’re setting out for the first time and learning what’s what, don’t think small. I believe you are at the right point to take on more than you think you can – stretch yourself and don’t fall for the limited range of a Numark but go for a Serato if you can afford it and definitely if you can’t, then you won’t be disappointed with the the Gemini G4V. From the set go I took to this controller and would recommend it as the best basic piece of DJ equipment for beginners to set up.

For starters, just follow the instructions provided and download everything they require you to download. Don’t bother with the CD provided – be brave and fearless and visit the Gemini website, click on tech support and scroll down til you see the words in red which you click on and you can download the Virtual DJ LE from there. Enter your provided license key number and as soon as you’ve downloaded it and installed it you’ll find your controller will work like a dream.


Gemini Great For Beginner DJs

Now you’ve got your Tracktor app and drivers from Gemini you’re ready to start and believe me you won’t feel like a beginner for long after you get this DJ equipment going. I mean it – this DJ controller has it all – and do make big use of the built-in soundcard because it sounds great and alleviates the need of lugging along an external one. The controller only weighs 11 lbs so it isn’t heavy but that’s not the point, You’ve only got to remember where your love lies – it’s in playing music and enjoying other people’s enjoyment – so just get to know your knobs and buttons, learn how to use the VU meters and get the platters to work to your touch sensitivity. Use the faders, tweak your performance and in no time you’re ready for moving to beginner to professional DJ-ing. You can learn more at DJ equipment HQ as they have a great guide for beginner DJs here: